The Future Now™


The journey begins...

Anatom has come a long way since 1995, from its modest beginnings as a small distributor of specialist outdoor equipment to being one of the UK’s leading distributors of outdoor equipment and accessories, as well as providing industry leading training and development through Anatom Academy.

As a close knit team we have worked hard across all business activities to ensure that we excel in every department. Most importantly, we have always tried to put our customers first - we recognise that their business needs are the life blood of our business and our future prospects.

Anatom now proudly distribute many of the world’s leading brands in the outdoor industry. These brands are handled expertly by our highly skilled product management team and backed up by our external team of sales reprasentatives and an in-house marketing department.

At Anatom we embrace advances in technology to help develop the business and we don't shy away from making the significant investments in technology and infrastructure necessary to maintain our market leading position.

We listen to the users of our equipment and invite feedback from a diverse team of athletes and mountain professionals. They work with us so that we can integrate developments into our future products that meet our users’ expectations.

Not content with our achievements to date, Anatom's young, motivated and ambitious managment team strive for more. We will not rest until we have maximised the market potential for all of our suppliers and our own brands.